The history of our company started in 1952 by John Perri, who built the first welding of copper, which even today in operation.
In 1956, the company started its imports by working with large foreign firms, such as the house Zinzer (Stuttgart) and from 1958 until today, the cooperation with the firm Pedrazzoli (Vicenza).
Thousands of machines installed in Greece which helped growing economy in the 60s and 70s, where the spirit of innovation and creation was fully implemented with the needs of the time to progression.
Then now, in 1969, the company presents Pedrazzoli aluminum saw Perris 300, a tool that solved the needs for more than 2,500 manufacturers of aluminum, enhancing the optimal structure of the frames. Even today the saw is running in multi-party hands forming a reliable choice.
In the same logic fared the company and all subsequent years presenting everything in Greek market innovative machines dinane solution to modern APPLICATIONS. Having installed thousands of machines, the company currently operates in four main areas:
Cutting - Configuration - Bending - Welding.